Drifter Media

The Artisanal Movement. Exalting the handmade, the painstakingly crafted, the authentic, is not just for the hipsters anymore…  small-batch has mass appeal and quickly gaining in popularity. With the emergence of a new artisan economy, Drifter Media is offering beautifully crafted design, branding and packaging services to the merchant-craftsperson producing one of a kind specialty goods.


It is the nature of the Artisan to express himself through the invention, creation, manufacture and manipulation of things. It is my nature to provide creative breakthrough solutions that enable each Artisan to elevate their brand.

My passion is driven by the desire and commitment to help Artisan achieve success in their journey to live better lives, live in a better world and share the joy of life with others.

This is my mission.


Patrick Belanger, CGD

Hello. Patrick Belanger here, a design artisan based on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.

I hope you’ll all agree that I’m an accomplished creative thinker, with a keen eye for details, a strong technical ability and a boundless enthusiasm for authentic, beautifully crafted and handmade specialty goods & products. I love making things. In fact, creating something from scratch is probably the most gratifying experience I encountered every time I’m really getting into a project and I love to share this passion with my clients.

I have over 23 years of experience designing compelling brands and artworks. Achieving honors and awards of excellence throughout my career, I’ve been involved as a designer, art director, project manager and business owner with various local and international advertising agencies.

My life is design, I love it and I surround myself in it every day. I embrace a more holistic, organic and human-scale approach to my work.



Attention to details98%


the drift·er
noun \ˈdrif-tər\

One that drifts; especially one that travels or moves about aimlessly.

Drifter Media (the drifter) is a metaphor inspired by my ability to wander randomly between different projects, design and conceptual ideas. As a designer my most valuable asset is my creativity – and it needs constant care and inspiration. Creativity is a journey, not a destination.


Not all who wander are lost…